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Scintiglyph, BFA Thesis Project

Alex is drawn to spaces that have been spectacularly sculpted and altered as a result of our society's needs and desires. Because of her background in advertising, she is interested in analyzing the infrastructure that perpetuates our consumer culture. While Alex is a huge fan of sustainability, her images are not meant to condemn manufactured landscapes--they seek to come to an understanding with these spaces that lie beyond our day-to-day vision. After coming to terms with her body’s own quirk of occasional temporary blindness, she began sourcing different representations of “eye malfunctions” to incorporate with her imagery to stand for an ideological blindness. In this installation, viewers will first come across three abstracted still lives which foreshadow the phenomena in the enclosed space next to them. In this space, viewers experience artifacts of light dancing throughout their vision on top of imagery of a site with heavily altered topography.

installation 8273 edit.JPG
installation 8288 edit.JPG
installation 8337 edit.JPG
installation 8277 edit.JPG
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quarry blast 7014-7.jpg
quarry and other things 5893-1.jpg
quarry blast 7031-10.jpg
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